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Week 14

Size of Baby: 3.2-4.1", almost 1 ounce Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down around 12 pounds Maternity Clothes: Definitely wearing maternity pants & several shirts Gender: Still no clue. But if you base it on the old wives tale about heart rate, they would be two girls. We should know for sure in about 6 weeks. Movement: Nothing yet Sleep: Sleeping fine other than waking up 2-3 times a night for a trip to the bathroom What I miss: Nothing this week What I am looking forward to: Finding out genders, so we can start shopping. Cravings/Aversions: Craving bagels with cream cheese & still mashed potatoes Symptoms: Nothing other than a growing belly and some sore boobs Best Moment This Week: Knowing the babies are still ok after the bleeding scares Weekly Wisdom: Rest is a pregnant lady's friend!

The First 13 Weeks

I haven't been keeping a pregnancy journal as I would like to, so I plan to begin using the blog as a weekly update. A brief summary of the first 13 weeks: Size of Baby: By week 13, 2.6", weighing .5-.7 ounce, the size of a peach Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down about 10 pounds Maternity Clothes: Due to bloating from the IVF and normal pregnancy hormones, I began wearing the earliest maternity pants around 7 weeks. I have never had any hips, so I wasn't filling them out quite right, but regular jeans just weren't working - especially sitting for 8-9 hours at work. Gender: Can't wait to find out Movement: Not feeling anything yet, but saw the babies dancing on ultrasound at 10 weeks. They will following in my dancing shoes :) Sleep: Can't get enough of it What I miss: Coffee, especially Starbucks What I am looking forward to: No more sickness and more energy Cravings/Aversions: Craving mashed potatoes, tomato soup, fruity candy (gummy bears/worms i

We're Pregnant!

I haven't updated in quite some time as the past few months have felt like a roller coaster, but we are expecting...TWINS!! We found out I was pregnant on November 9, but didn't find out about the twins until the first ultrasound at 6 weeks 5 days. Marty had a feeling it was twins from the beginning, I think. Anytime we talked baby in the 2.5 weeks before the ultrasound, he referred to babies, not baby. However, I think we were both in shock when we left the doctor that day. In fact, we may still be :) At that first ultrasound it was discovered that I have a subchorionic hemorrhage, which is basically a pocket of blood & clots between Baby A and the uterus. We were told at that appointment we could possibly lose Baby A. Not something you want to hear, but we knew God had taken us this far and it was in His hands. In the next few weeks it appeared as though the subchorionic was disappearing, but boy we were in for a surprise. The day after Christmas I had to go to ER for