Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Waiting Family

The last week of September we officially became a waiting family with our agency. This is such an exciting time for us! And an anxious one as well! The first few weeks of being active, every time my phone would ring or vibrate my heart would stop. That got old quickly, ha! It seriously had me that on edge. Now that we have had time to get used to the waiting, it has been less about waiting to get the call and more about preparing for a baby. A few weeks ago we had the realization that if we were to get one of those calls that says travel within 24 hours to  get your baby, we would be scrambling! We have a few things from when I was pregnant with the girls that we pulled out of the attic - swing, bouncy seat, etc. But, we have none of the true necessities. So what does that mean? It means I went in to full research mode!

Who knew there were SO many things to start considering?! Glass bottles vs plastic, cloth vs disposable diapers, wipes, formula, car seats, strollers, and the list goes on and on. I am really leaning towards glass bottles due to the plastic issues (I know all are BPA free, but still concerns there). In all of this I have come across so many sites that shame adoptive mothers for formula feeding, like we should all induce lactation or make home made formula. You can't win on the internet. "Oh good for you for adopting" . . . "oh, you are going to formula feed, shame on you.". Seriously?! Ok, I am rambling now, sorry. At least all of my research will have me semi-informed for when we get the call.
We have bought a crib and crib mattress. A local specialty baby store was having a closing/moving sale, so we got a great deal. We have yet to set it up. I have bedding and some art picked out, but waiting to purchase those while we are still raising money. I am going with a neutral design so that if a potential match were to fall through we wouldn't be stuck with a gender specific nursery, or a reminder of the baby we were planning to bring home. Once it is done, I will be sure to post photos. That has been one of my favorite parts of this process. There is so much HOPE that comes with planning for a baby. We have no idea how long we could be waiting, but just knowing that we WILL have a baby at some point is so exciting!

We continue to put our trust in His timing and plan while we wait. If you would like to see our profile video, click here: Video Profile