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I mentioned in the previous post being crazy busy, and that is no lie! Since my November post, I have traveled to St. Louis, Winnipeg, Las Vegas, & Longview for work, served 2 weeks of jury duty, turned 30, took on several new stores for work in Saint Louis, Louisville, & Indianapolis, traveled to Nashville for our 5th anniversary, gone to some concerts - Eric Church, Drake White, Craig Campbell, Zac Brown Band, & Travis Tritt, and been to a bunch of Grizzlies and Tigers basketball games. It has been crazy!! 
In between all of that, Marty and I decided to proceed with adoption to grow our family! We decided to wait to get our tax return done to put that money in savings. Last week Marty wrecked his car, so now we are waiting to see what is going on with that. Hopefully we find out soon, so we can start our home study. So excited and so nervous at the same time!!! 
And the highlight aside from making that decision was meeting Giuliana & Bill Rancic. Marty and I have alway…

Two Years

I tried posting this on 2/26, let's try again!
Life has been crazy busy lately, & I will update later.
Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of losing Gentry, today the 2 year for Savannah. I can't believe time has gone by so quickly. To think that if they were here I would have 2 year old twins blows my mind! To celebrate the girls' birthdays we went to the cemetery with my parents  & released two purple balloons for Gentry and 2 pink balloons for Savannah. It was a beautiful warm, sunny February day. There is something about releasing those balloons and watching them float to the sky. I don't think words can describe it - it is freeing, beautiful, & sad all in one. I pray my girls always know how much I love them! Happy Birthday Mommy's Sweet Angels!