Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello, November!

I can't believe it is November, and it has been months since I last blogged! I am loving the trees changing colors and all things pumpkin flavored, now if the weather could just stay cool I would be happy.

I made it through Halloween, yay! A friend blogged yesterday about how Halloween is a hard holiday for a bereaved parent - and it is. My facebook and instagram feeds were full of cute babies in their costumes. Each post was a reminder of who should be here and what we are missing. On top of the cuteness overload, Halloween was the date of our embryo transfer with Gentry and Savannah. Halloween is officially the day I got pregnant . . . sounds like it could be a wild, drunken story, ha! Our girls will also be my pumpkins because of this. On top of already being down, everyone in my department left early so they could go get their kids ready to trick or treat. I was the only one left in my department, and it was such a lonely feeling. I am looking forward to the year we can have a cutie of our own to dress up, and it not be such a sad day.

Time for Updates:
Marty took the job that offered less pay. It has been an adjustment for us, but I think we are doing just fine. I am just thankful he is working.

I got a promotion (yay!). I am now Marketing Manager for our company. So excited! 

My parents decided to hold off on building a house and having us move in with them. We had gone so far as to select a builder and a lot to build on, but I think it was too much change for my mom. They have lived in their house for so long, I don't know that they will ever leave. Although I do think they are going to need us living with them at some point. But for now we are staying in our house.

I am supposed to have a call today or early next week with an attorney to discuss some options regarding adoption through her as opposed to an agency. I am also going to ask about the gestational surrogacy  process in our state, just in case the perfect person is found. I am pretty excited to get the ball moving on something. It may be a few months out so we can have time to save more money, and maybe find Marty a better paying job. But, at least we are getting our information together.

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  1. So exciting about receiving the call - Hope it goes great!

  2. Looks like your world is looking up :) you find out all you can about these processes so when I get there (which seems to be more and more rapidly approaching) I can come to you (as I have with EVERYTHING else) with all of my questions ;)