Thursday, July 10, 2014

Adoption Pics

We took a break from all of our adoption paperwork, and that's A LOT of paperwork, to take some photos to announce we are adopting and also for our profile - to help make us look like fun parents to be. I LOVE how they turned out, so thought I would share a few here. We also went facebook public with the adoption. We received a ton of support and love. Plus, we were able to raise $510 within 24 hours on our site. It was amazing to see. We are blessed!

We kind of like each other . . .. and are excited to be on this adventure!

He makes my heart happy!

This was our facebook announcement photo. 


  1. These are great! I hear the paper work is crazy. A blm friend of mine adopted a baby using A Step Ahead and wee able to get a healthy baby girl in 9 months. I hope everything works out for you as well.

  2. Y'all are too cute! I love your pictures!

  3. Love the pictures. So excited to see what comes from this!