Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Change in Direction

On Friday, after we got the results I was was CRUSHED. I swore up and down all weekend that I was DONE with IVF. I NEVER wanted to see another PIO needle or estrogen patch. I was ready to look at adoption or trying to find a gestational carrier. It was time to change directions on this path to parenthood.

And, now here I am with an appointment in June with another RE. Technically still a change in direction, just not as drastic. After talking to two of my bosses who have gone through IVF with their wives several times, they gave me a little of my determination back. Both of them were patients here with my same doctor. Both had several failed cycles here, along with terrible "customer service" experiences. I have only had a few run ins on that side of things, one that is going on now. Both of these couples then went to RBA in Atlanta, and both had successes. Another co-worker also went there and had two successful cycles. So now, we will be headed to Atlanta for a consultation next month. If we like what they have to say regarding protocol changes or other suggestions, we would be able to ship our 3 remaining embryos there to do a transfer.

They may tell me that the FET protocols I have been on are fine, and they wouldn't change a thing. In that case, we will probably will be done with IVF (at least for awhile). If they change things up, or offer me a glimmer of hope, we will forge on. I do have to say that the doctor's assistant who called me to set up the appointment was amazing. So sweet, understanding, and encouraging.

As it stands with my doctor here, I am still waiting on my follow up call to this transfer. He was supposed to call on Monday, but here it is lunch time Wednesday without a call. I honestly believe that he just doesn't know what he would say to me at this point, so he is avoiding me. Or so it seems.

So, yeah, big things ahead for us. I am somehow allowing myself to get a little excited. Oh, and we do still have an adoption information package on the way. =)


  1. Do you mind if I ask where you have been going? I started off at a clinic in Little Rock and have recently switched to St. Louis. I had 5 IUIs in Little Rock. They have no sense of customer service there and it was an act of congress to get someone to call you back. I knew that when the time came to consider IVF, we would switch to St. Louis. Our first retrieval is planned for June 14th.

    1. I have been going to Fertility Associates of Memphis. June 14 is so close, how exciting!!

  2. I hope you are more satisfied with Atlanta! I love the whole staff at St. Louis. It makes the world of difference. After going to Little Rock for 5 - 6 months without an explaination, just keep saying unexplained, Dr. Silber in St. Louis was able to tell me that I have poor ovarian reserve on the first appointment. Still praying for you!