Tuesday, June 11, 2013


My niece who lives out of town has been visiting for the last few days. And boy does she keep you on your toes. A ball of energy for sure. But, I wouldn't change a thing about her! We spent Saturday at my parent's pool, and she came home with me after. To say I was exhausted was an understatement. When she came over the first thing she asked was why we have so much baby stuff in our house. I guess being so young she had forgotten about the girls in the last year. So, I told her that all of the baby things were for our twin girls that we had been expecting. She said "You were going to have twins?". I told her yes, and she quickly moved on to the TV and the Disney Channel. I left her on the couch while I hopped in the shower.She was asleep by the time I got out, so I laid in my bed and caught up on emails.She woke up and joined me on the bed.

As we lay there curled up watching Disney, she started asking questions about the girls. She asked if they died in my stomach or after? Did I have them in the hospital or at home? What exactly happened to them? What were their names? Did I have pictures of them? What did they look like? Were they cute? And on and on. Honestly, it was the best conversation I have had about Savannah and Gentry aside from those with Marty. The innocence and genuine concern for me and the girls was just the sweetest. Amazing that I am surrounded by so many friends and family members and none of them have ever asked so many questions about S & G, or my feelings about them. Leave it to an 8 year old who has no edit button (because she also told me my fat roll must be because of the babies) to give me the most sincere conversation about my daughters. It was a great moment, one she will probably not remember, but it will always stick with me.

Marty and I took her to dinner that night, and she told him that I told her about the girls and that is why we have so many owls in our house. It was pretty cute. She went to church with us Sunday morning too. The whole time she stayed curled up to me. She continually looked up to me with her big blue eyes and smiled. Having those sweet moments and spending so much time with her just reminded me that everything I am going through to try to have more babies will be worth it in the end. Honestly, those mom type moments with her this weekend made my heart feel so full, I know I am meant to a mom one day, one way or another.

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