Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The past few months have been crazy I tell you! Trying to decide next steps to baby, then Marty losing his jobe, and my parents putting their house on the market to find something large enough for us all. As one of my friends recently told me, "Every time I talk to you these days there is a life changing update." That's how I feel, my life has changed so much since our appointment in Atlanta and continues to be ever changing. So here are the updates:

1) Next Baby Steps
I don't think I ever posted this here. But after the appointment in Atlanta, several talks (with A LOT of people), and lots of prayer. Marty and I decided to pursue adoption to have more babies. We had even been talking to an agency and home study agent. No paperwork was filled out because we wanted to save money and pay off some debt before going any further. So, we were quite excited and doing well with that decision . . . .until he lost his job. As you probably know, they don't just let anyone adopt a baby. One of the many criteria is that you have to have steady income. Well, with Marty not having a job that kind of takes us out the pool. We still want to pursue adoption, but for now it is even more on hold than before. At least until he can find another job and be there long enough to prove the "steadiness". 

We will still be keeping our 3 embryos frozen in the chance that the right person comes along to be a carrier for us. But for now, we don't have that person and don't want to go through a surrogacy agency. This was one of the deciding factors in deciding on adoption. 

2) Marty Needs a Job
It has been almost a month now that Marty has been unemployed. It seems like he applied for over 100 jobs, with no call backs. Thankfully, this week the phone started to ring. He had an interview yesterday and was offered the job. But, it would be a 50% pay decrease. It is better than nothing of course, but he wants to keep his option open. He told them he would let them know by Friday. He has a phone interview with another company today (yay!) and another interview on Friday. Maybe between the three of those one will work out. None of them are his "dream job" or in a dream field, but again, we just need him to be working so we can get us a baby =)

3) Moving In with Mom & Dad
My parents had an appointment with an agent to come see their house to see what they would need to update, list price, etc. But a crazy thing happened. The agent had a couple in need of a wheelchair home who hadn't been able to find anything . .. until my parent's house. Being that my dad has been in a wheelchair for 30+ years, their house is completely wheelchair accessible. So, the couple saw my parents house THE SAME DAY! And, they loved it and want it. Isn't that wild?! Of all of the agent out there, this one had a family who needed a house just like my parents.So, now they are waiting on the guy to get all of his approval from the VA to move forward. My parents (and me & Marty) have started the house hunt. 

So there are the updates on our ever changing lives. 


  1. Glad to hear from you. Hopefully things will be turning more in your guys favor real soon. It just has to. Sell house, buy house, get job, get you some babies:)