Thursday, April 4, 2013

Step 1

"Step 1" of this FET cycle is done. I did my first Lupron injection last night. Boy, did that make it real. I just about cried, not because of the shot, but because of the reality that we are REALLY going through with this again. It makes me excited, nervous, a touch sad, overall just emotional. I totally was not expecting to have a reaction. But now that the initial shot is over, I feel like it's just routine.

I do have one concern with this cycle, but the doctor's office didn't seem to think it was an issue. I had my first labwork done yesterday to check E2 levels. It was day 4 since my last birth control pill, meaning I should have started my period then. Today is day 5  and still no sign of a period. But, the nurse said my E2 level was low enough yesterday (32) that it was ok. I am trusting their advice, but I would feel better if my body reacted the way it should have. I have never had that happen after stopping BCP. I tried researching on Google, but didn't find much. But, again, I am going to trust the doctor.

I go back for another lab and ultrasound on April 17, so hopefully everything will look ok to still do the transfer the next week. If all goes well, we are 3 weeks out from our transfer. So exciting!!

The first shot is done! Yay!


  1. Praying that all goes smoothly!


  2. Exciting!! Praying for you every day!!! <3