Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Girls

Some of you who are friends with me on Facebook may be confused about our two girls. We were originally told Baby A was a boy, but once we got home from the hospital we received a call that Baby A was actually a girl too. I guess they had to get her all cleaned up to tell. Funny how all along I just knew we were having two girls, mother's intuition I suppose.
It took us a few days to name the babies. We wanted names that had a lot of meaning to us. When we selected their names, we were still under the impression Baby A was a boy. Luckily we had selected a gender neutral name, Gentry. This is a name we have talked about for years, as the first time we truly "hung out" was at Montgomery Gentry concert (in 2005). It only seemed appropriate that we name the first baby after something that was the beginning of our relationship. Baby B's name, Savannah, comes from Savannah, GA being the last place we vacationed before our IVF cycle. That trip was full of so much joy and hope, some of our favorite memories from our marriage.
Both of their names are happy memories from our relationship, just as our babies gave us so much happiness & our memories of them will continue to do so.

These are the balloons we releases for the girls.

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