Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy Weekend

Marty and I had a busy weekend, which is pretty typical for us. He is really good at keeping my mind distracted. Saturday night we went to Southaven Springfest to see Easton Corbin's concert. Yesterday we spent most of the day at the Memphis Grizzlies MVP Party at Putt-Putt. It was pretty much chaos chasing players around for autographs. Good thing I wore my shoes that will stay on my feet when having to do the awkward run/walk. After the party we had a super late lunch/early dinner at Central BBQ - our favorite! Then we went to visit the girls. The grass is growing in nicely on their plot. It looks so much better than being dirt. We ordered the girls' headstone a few weeks ago, and I am ready to have it paid off so that they can install it. I mailed in a payment for it this morning. It's things like that that will remind you how real the loss is. Not to mention the cruel hospital bills I had to write checks for last week. No babies to show for their services, but still I must pay. And it isn't cheap; I'm just thankful for my dad who has been helping with the bills. I don't know that there is a clear, coherent thought in this post, but here are photos from the weekend:
Marty and Zach Randolph
Me and Mike Conley

Marty and Mike Conley

Me and Marc Gasol

Me and Jeremy Pargo

Marty and Hamed Haddadi

Marty and Tony Allen

Easton Corbin

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