Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Question

This week has been the first time I have had to deal with people asking me if I have any children. The first was a new employee at our office. Because we work in a fairly small office, and everyone else knows the story, I shared with her (the short version). Right away she said she was sorry, but I'm not sure if she was just sorry for our loss or also because she felt bad for asking. I never want anyone to feel bad for asking after they hear our story. I love talking about my girls. They are my daughters, and I never want to forget that.
The second time happened at Target last night. She and Marty were talking about how they offer gift cards on select purchases, usually when you buy two or three of that item. Marty was telling her how usually don't need two or three of anything. I piped up telling her the only items we buy two or three of are dog treats. So she said, "You don't have any children yet?" Obviously I am not going to share our story with a random Target cashier, so I told her no. But inside I was screaming "Yes, we have two. Twin girls." I felt guilty the whole way home. Gentry and Savannah, mommy is sorry she can't tell the world about you. But, I love you always.

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