Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Marty and I had some random dreams related to becoming parents last night. While I tend to have some odd dreams, they usually don't get so involved in my mental dilemma as this one did. And Marty, he never dreams about babies. These are short summaries of the dreams.

In Marty's first dream we were at a baseball game, and there was a little girl with brown hair sitting next to him. He was frustrated because her mom wasn't paying attention to her, so he started playing with her. He eventually asked the mom if he could just have her. And she allowed him to take her. Her name was Emily.

In Marty's second dream he was getting autographs of baseball players (this is his hobby), and he was telling this one guy about how he couldn't afford something because we have been doing IVF. The guy told him there are some things God controls, IVF being one of them.

In my dream, one of of my uncles was at my office, and I just happened to run in to him in the hallway. He asked me if I was ready to receive applications for a gestational carrier. I told him I didn't know if I was ready, but that I would talk to some of them. He then asked me at what point I was just going to give up. Before I could give my response, my alarm went off.

Anyone care to try to interpret the meaning behind those dreams? Mine appears to be pretty straightforward, but Marty's not so much. Maybe it just feelings of desperation. Or, maybe it was just from watching Teen Mom, who knows. But, he did tell me he likes the name Emily. Maybe we have a brown haired Emily waiting on us out there.

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