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So I Don't Forget

I am going to use this space to write memories from my pregnancy with Gentry & Savannah so that I don't forget them. These are just a few that came to me today:

The Day I Found Out I Was pregnant:
IVF kind of takes out the ability to surprise your spouse or come up with a clever way to tell them you're pregnant. Since we both had to work that day, it was decided it would be best if I just sent him a text to let him know either way. I was at lunch at Lenny's with 6 co-workers having an informal meeting when the doctor called. My co-worker all knew I was waiting on the important call, so it was easy to slip away. I sent Marty this text "Hi daddy . . . I'm pregnant!". He called me about 5 minutes later (seemed like an eternity) and was crying with joy. I hadn't even cried, but I started to when I heard him. We both couldn't believe it . .  our dream was coming true.
That night when he got home from work, I was laying on the couch. He bent down to kiss me, and I said "We're having a baby!'. He responded "or maybe two." My mind was so focused on being pregnant, I really hadn't thought about twins. 

The Day After:
The next day we went to a Zac Brown Band concert. The concert started at 7:30pm, and I had to do my progesterone shot at 9pm. This would be no problem if I could do the shot myself, but since it goes in my butt cheek I needed Marty's help. Being frequent concert goers, we knew the show wouldn't be over until long past 9pm. So we came up with a plan to use the family restroom for my shot. Only problem being there is an usher that stand right by the door and watches people go in and out. When it got close to time for the shot, we stalked the bathroom waiting for the usher to help someone to their seats or at least turn his back. When he did, we made a run for it. I'm sure everyone who saw us thought we were up to know good in there. We set a world record time for giving a progesterone shot and somewhat quietly slipping out past the usher. Once we were "safe" we could not quit laughing. Still makes me laugh thinking about it.

Our First Ultrasound:
This was the day we found out we were expecting twins. As soon as the ultrasound tech had a picture on the screen she said "You two timer." It took a few seconds for this to register in our minds - TWINS! Marty just sat there nervously laughing and squeezing my hand. I think he was trying not to cry once again. We were so happy!

My Last Ultrasound:
Marty had to work when I went to my last ultrasound, so my mom went with me. I am so glad she got to go at least once and see her granddaughters. But, I had the ultrasound tech see if she could tell the sex of the babies (I know, I know Marty wasn't there, but I was dying in anticipation). What she said cracked me up and still does, she said "I tried, but couldn't really tell. Of course trying to find a penis on something that small is pretty hard." Imagine this in a thick Southern accent. It was funny. It was also when I felt 98.5% sure we were having two girls. I had done a lot of research before this ultrasound about finding out the sex and most boys were definitely identifiable at that point.

My Belly:
When I went back to work after my 3 weeks of bed rest for subchorionic bleed, they couldn't get enough of my belly. It had suddenly popped. Lauren, one of my best friends, would come up to me and doing a bunch of quick pokes saying "baby, baby, baby". Lauren is the one who took my photo in front of the "Bump" sign located outside our office (below). I was 18 weeks 2 days in this picture. I LOVED being pregnant and my belly.


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