Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Few More "So I Don't Forgets"

A few more memories of my pregnancy with the girls. So glad to have these happy memories.

Telling My Parents:
We waited until our first ultrasound to tell my parents we were pregnant. So we told them on birthday. We went to dinner that night and I planned to tell them there. But for some reason I was SO nervous/excited/anxious to tell them that I never told them at dinner. I waited until we got back to their house. We had just finished eating cake when I finally told them. My mom screamed with excitement and again when we told them it was twins. My dad's response? "I thought so". Such a man statement, lol. But, they were both so excited and wanting to tell everyone they knew. I made them wait until about 15 weeks.

Telling "The World":
We went to facebook with our announcement on Marty's birthday. I had wanted to wait until our anatomy scan, but he couldn't hold it any longer, so I agreed. I am so glad we did now because the same people who were so excited for us have given us so much support after the girls were born - even if some are only through facebook. I thought our phones were going to blow up the night we made the announcement from all of the like and comment notifications.

My facebook announcement
Marty's Announcement


  1. Love that photo of the shoes! I'm so sorry that your twins won't fill those shoes. It's so unfair. :(

  2. Thanks, Beth. I read your most recent post, & I totally get the heavy feeling. It is exactly how I have been feeling but so few people understand. It isn't fair at all.