Monday, June 11, 2012

In Christ Alone

I experienced the very definition of irony this weekend. Marty and I had returned home from seeing Mamma Mia at the Orpheum and went to the mailbox. Two things had come that day - samples of baby formula and a survey from the cemetery where the girls are buried. How is that for ironic? Both cruel reminders I don't have my baby girls here. But what a testament to how far I have come in 15 weeks, there was no breakdown. It was just a moment of sadness and then I moved on. 

I have become so much stronger than I have ever imagined in the last 3.5 months.I feel like I really am ready to move forward at this point. Not to say I still don't cry often because I do, but I think I have finally REALLY accepted that I will never have my girls here on Earth (physically). I have to be at peace with that and know that one day I will be reunited with them. It could really be summed up with these lyrics "Let it be said of me my source of strength, my source of hope is Christ alone." Without my faith and belief in God, there is no way I would still be standing. 

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