Friday, June 15, 2012


If you have been keeping up with my posts, you have probably come to sense my nervousness about doing IVF  a second time and so soon after the girls. I have been praying to God just asking to guide me and confirm that my decision is the right one. I feel like I really got that today in the way that I need it - something right in front of my face saying "Yes, Ashley this is the right thing." I'm not one to pick up on subtle hints. And, yes, I realize I may sound crazy to some of you when you hear this.
First let me start by saying that we already have a VERY short list of baby names with our top two narrowed down (at the moment). Georgia for a girl; Benton for a boy. (Now no one steal those, ok?! Thanks!)
Anyway, this morning I was on a website that calculates your due date for FET babies based on age of embryo (day 5 blastocyst in my case). While I was on there, I looked at the ad on the page. It was for Pottery Barn Kids. Upon a closer look, what name was monogrammed on the pillow? GEORGIA. I immediately thought "this is the sign I have been waiting for." There was my next little girl's name on the same page of my next due date (if I am so lucky to get pregnant this time).
Call me crazy, but it was just what I needed.

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