Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Journey

I have added this to the right of my posts, after realizing there was no concise place that told our journey of trying to become parents. This blog originally started out to chronicle our married life and life with babies, never intending it to be such a journey. But, here is what we have been through in the last 2+ years:

01/2009: We got married
03/2010: We decided to try to get pregnant
07/2010: I was diagnosed with PCOS, prescribed Metformin to help us TTC
01/2011: First failed Clomid cycle
02/2011: Second failed Clomid cycle
03/2011: Third failed Clomid cycle
04/2011: First appointment with RE
05/2011: Told that due to male factor infertility (in addition to my PCOS) IVF with ICSI was our only chance at getting pregnant
10/2011: First IVF cycle
11/2011: IVF cycle was a success, found out we were pregnant (with twins!)
02/2012: Lost both baby girls due to incompetent cervix
06/2012: First frozen embryo IVF cycle 

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