Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Transfer

Yesterday we had our transfer. So now I am on bed rest until Saturday. Here's to hoping this embryo decides to hang around!
Both embryos survived the thawing process, so they are able to refreeze the one we didn't transfer. Yay! The one we did transfer is a grade A, which is great!
The last cycle my parents brought me Steak & Shake for lunch while I was on bed rest. Being superstitious, that's what I ate yesterday, down to the same banana milkshake! Today I am eating another meal I had last time too - a grilled chicken baked potato from McAlister's deli. Call me crazy, but I know it worked last time so why not try it again. On the note of crazy: I have had a cough for about a week. now, so every time I cough I cross my legs like I'm trying to hold the embryo in, ha!
It was weird being back there yesterday. I had to tell quite a few people about the girls. Most assumed that since I was back so soon after last transfer that it didn't work. They were all great and supportive though. Once again my heart rate & blood pressure were high because of the anxiety. Good thing they give you a Valium before the transfer takes place. As anxious as I was, I felt like an old pro.
Praying my body feels like an old pro too and helps the embryo implant. The waiting begins . . .
Drinking my water to have a full bladder for the transfer.
Yummy banana milkshake in bed
Waiting to go back for the transfer.
Our grade A embryo.

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